2: The New World - American History

The first landing of Christopher Columbus in America The first landing of Christopher Columbus in America

Competence aims in focus:

The aims of the studies are to enable students to:

  • elaborate on and discuss how key historical events and processes have affected the development of American society
  • elaborate on and discuss linguistically demanding texts
  • use suitable language appropriate to the situation in a variety of oral and written genres
  • produce texts in a variety of genres with clear content, appropriate style, good structure, and usage that is precise and accurate
  • interpret a selection from English-language literature from the 1900s up to the present
  • present a major in-depth project with a topic from Social Studies English and assess the process

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The Immigration History of the United States

A TDC original documentary explaining the history of immigration to America.

America's native prisoners of war

Aaron Huey's effort to photograph poverty in America led him to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, and the struggle of the native Lakota people.