Here are the listening comprehension texts from Access to English: Social Studies.

You will also find these audio files in the relevant chapters on this website.

Note: We do not hold the rights to publish recordings of a number of literary and prose texts from the textbook on an open website, but you will find these recordings on our licensed audio streaming website. See the link below for information.


  • Sarah's Story 4:29
  • The Trimdon Grange Explosion 2:52
  • The Battle of Kinder Scout 8:14
  • Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? 2:21
  • Names/Nombres 10:42
  • Our Parents Betrayed Us 3:50
  • Another Perspective 4:58
  • India and Zimbabwe 6:45
  • My Public School Days 11:54
  • The Queen in Ireland 14:07
  • The Help 10:08
  • Another Day, Another Murder (Part One) 5:06
  • Another Day, Another Murder (Part Two) 2:59
  • Another Day, Another Murder (Part Three) 3:07