Digging Deeper

digging Students of this course are to present an in-depth project dealing with a topic connected to English for the Social Sciences. All in-depth projects have certain stages of work.

  • First comes choosing a topic you find interesting.
  • Then comes finding information about the topic – that is, doing research. See the Writing Courses and Text Analysis Courses on this website for help on finding and evaluating sources, interpreting statistics and citing sources correctly.
  • Finally the results of the work are presented. It could be a written report or an essay of some kind; it could be an oral presentation, or perhaps a website that the class can visit. Exactly how it is done will differ from project to project.

You will find possible topics for such in-depth work on pages 128, 238 and 390. There are resources for all of them here on the website. These topics are not meant to be definitive. It may be that they simply start you off in a certain direction.